Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to you and us, and this is why we have taken every effort available to ensure that the highest degree of transparency is maintained about the type of information about you that is collected by us, and we also ensure that the information collected is safeguarded against misuse and intrusion. Except as otherwise stated, and in the event that there is a lawful or court order, we will not sell or redistribute your personal information that may be collected on our website.

This privacy policy was created to better help you understand the ways through which your information is collected, the contents of the information, and the actions done with the information. It is imperative that you visit this privacy policy page as often as possible to keep yourself abreast of updates to this version.

Information Collection and Use

There are two types of information collected by us about our site’s visitors, and they are:

  • Personal Information
  • Anonymous Information

Personal Information

This website was created with some features like the contact form that affords you the opportunity to be affirmative about your choice of providing personal information. There is every tendency that the contact form will require you to provide personal information such as your email address, address, name, and telephone number. However, you are under no obligation to utilize this feature of the website. If however you decide to provide the personal information as required by the contact form on the website, then that information may be used as a medium for contacting you and thus help enhance other communications with you, if there be any. Furthermore, the personal information which you have submitted voluntarily may be used to keep you updated and informed about events and news that are about or related to the firm’s activities, if and only if there is an option for you to opt out of the service. We will ensure that at all times, your affirmative consent is sought out prior to making use of your personal information for purposes other than what is stated in this privacy policy.

Information that is transmitted via the internet, and especially through the use of contact forms should not be deemed secure, and also should not be considered or seen as confidential. We want to iterate that submitting a contact form on our website does not equate an attorney-to-client communication, and as such, does not also create an attorney-to-client relationship.

It is also important to note that there may be a “Live Chat” application on the chat, which is a third-party function of the website, and can be used by you if you choose to, in providing the firm with personal information. It is important to note that there is no confidentiality with information provided via the Live Chat feature, and the use of the feature does not equate an attorney-to-client communication, and as such, does not also create an attorney-to-client relationship. Peradventure you decide to provide your personal information by utilizing the Live Chat feature, then that information may be used as a medium for contacting you and thus help enhance other communications with you, if there be any.

There is a privacy policy that comes with the third party Live Chat feature, and we encourage you to go through the privacy policy to further enlighten you about the use of the third party feature. The privacy policies of third party features on our website are not our responsibility.

It is important that you do not disclose information that may be confidential, and that includes information that has the ability to expose you to criminal or civil liability, through the use of contact forms or the Live Chat feature available on the website.

It is within our rights to indefinitely or as permitted by the law to retain personal information collected via the contact forms or live chat feature.

Anonymous Information

In order for you to access features on the site, you may not need to provide your personal information. However, certain anonymous information like your IP address, browser software, device, operating system, and geographic locations may be provided automatically by your browser.

This information is used to understand the analytics of visitor engagement on our site, and thus help us improve the content and experience gotten when our site is visited.

Use of Cookies

Small data files called cookies are used on the website to help improve the functionality of the website and thus make visitors’ experience better. Please note that the cookies are not used to grant us access to your computer, nor are they used to personally identify you. The cookies can be disabled in your application or browser settings; however, disabling cookies can reduce the functionality of the website.

Google Analytics (third party analytics provider) is used by us to give us a better understanding of how our website is used by visitors. The cookies are used by Google Analytics for the collection of information about visitors to our site; however, such information is not personally identifiable.

Distribution of Collected Information

We cannot disclose your personal information, without your consent, unless the law requires us to do so. In some cases, and while complying with applicable laws, we reserve the right to share your personal information with government authorities, or others that are in place to ensure the firm is protected, or specific third parties; or as required by legal processes and applicable law. We will not sell or distribute personal information to third party organizations.

External Links and Third Parties

There is the possibility of encountering pages o our site that may contain hyperlinks to other websites. Third party content or websites are not our responsibility, and that includes any information that is disclosed by you to third parties when you visit their website.