Protect Your Business from a Lawsuit: 3 Tips for Worksite Safety

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January 23, 2019
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February 26, 2019

Protect Your Business from a Lawsuit: 3 Tips for Worksite Safety

Lawsuits can be both expensive and demoralizing for your business. In addition to the hassle and expense involved in defending against them, they simply sap your morale. Here are some tips for workplace safety so you can avoid having to spend time in court rather than on the job.

Secure Any Materials or Tools That May Fall

Safety and Health Magazine reports that falling objects are a leading cause of workplace injuries in the United States. When tools or other heavy objects are in a position where they can fall and strike your workers or others, failure to control them poses an unnecessary risk. This can be easily avoided by putting these materials away in the right place and making sure that your personnel secure loose materials when they are stored. Debris nets and catch platforms are one way to keep materials and tools from falling on people. Another helpful method is using guardrails on scaffolding to keep an object in place.

Use Heavy Equipment Mats

There are steps that you can take to guard against mishaps when using heavy equipment. Specifically, mats for heavy equipment can help secure them in the appropriate place and keep them from slipping when they are being used. Spartan Mat explains that construction mats are made of two kinds of materials, hardwood which are cheaper but prone to damage, and composite which are lighter but more durable. They can provide the right amount of support for the equipment and allow you to use it in most weather. They also help protect the environment and ensure you leave small footprint behind.

Mark All Utilities and Wires

Exposed wires and hidden utilities are prime grounds for potential lawsuits against your business. These pose a serious risk from electrocution, which is one of the leading causes of severe workplace injuries and death. All wires on the jobsite should be marked and color-coded based on the type they are so workers know exactly what it is they are encountering. In addition, all utilities should be diligently marked so workers do not unwittingly hit them when they are excavating. Occupational Health & Safety recommends inspecting extension cords every day to prevent hazardous conditions from developing.

While some workplace accidents may be inevitable, most mishaps are avoidable, and they do not have to occur if proper safety measures are taken. You should use planning and foresight to figure out how you can take steps to keep your workers safe. This will help prevent you from facing a costly court appearance. And if you still have to show up in court? Give us a call.

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